For Stress Relief, Tight or Overworked Muscles
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Spa Membership Now Available

$59 per month

Our monthly Spa Membership rate is only $59 per month. Additional massages during the month are at a discounted rate.

30 MIN/$35 60 MIN/$50 90 MIN/$85

Customized Massage
30 min/$40 60 min/$75 90 min/$100

Whether you are looking for a Relaxation, Therapeutic or Sports massage we will customize your massage for your needs for today.

Enhance your massage with one of our add-on services:

Hot stones - $10

Warm basalt stones are used over the body radiating into sore muscles and creating a deep state of relaxation and relief.

Cupping - $10

With special cups, suction is used to stimulate blood flow to stagnant areas as well as release tension by allowing space to open up in adhered tissue. (Please speak to your provider before receiving this service to discuss the temporary marks that may result from cupping.)